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This form helps our sales force to assist with sizing a Ratio:Feeder® system. Please complete the form to the best of your knowledge and email it to sales@heanderson.com and we will do our best to help size a system for whatever your application may be.

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About the Ratio:Feeder® Sizing Calculator

This is a tool to help customers size a J Series Ratio:Feeder® and determine how many pump heads they will need to achieve a specific feed ratio. Higher concentrations of chemical in the treated water require more pump heads. This calculator is based on a maximum stroke rate of 32 strokes per minute. H.E. Anderson Company recommends a maximum strokerate of 32 strokes per minute for most systems.

The "Feed Ratio" box is the injection rate of the chemical that is being used to treat the water. This value can be entered as a percent, feed ratio or in fluid ounces per gallon. Ensure the dropdown box is set to the proper units. When "Feed Ratio" is selected in the dropdown box, the chemical to water ratio is 1 part chemical to however many parts water is entered in the text box.

The "Water Flow" box is the maximum possible flow through the water line that is being treated.

The "Chemical Injected" dropdown is the chemical that is being used to treat the water. Make sure this is set to the proper chemical so the calculator will select the proper pumper. As an example, an H8 pumper should not be used to inject acid but an A10 is designed specifically for this purpose. The calculator will recommend the proper pumper for the specified chemical.

About the Ratio:Feeder® Sizing Calculator

There are multiple methods used to calculate feed ratios. As a result, these calculators makes the assumption that a 1:100 feed ratio means for every 100 gallons of water that pass through the water line, 1 gallon of chemical will be injected.

The feedratio finder assumes that all the pumpers are injecting the same chemical.

Information and Additional Resoures

Alk Calc

Alk calc is a great resource to help size a J Series Ratio:Feeder for acid injection. According to the University of New Hampshire's website, "This calculator provides the recommendations for the amount of acid to add to irrigation water in order to modify the pH and alkalinity levels."