J Series Manifolds

2 Position Manifold


The J Series Pumper Manifold provides water pressure to each pumper allowing them to inject liquids.

Both single and multiple pumper manifolds are available. Type AS Manifolds control a single pumper. Type A manifolds can control from 2 to 6 pumpers.

There are three options for powering manifolds; 24VAC actuated, 12VDC actuated and water actuated. 24VAC Manifolds are designed to work with 120VAC J Series Controllers. 12VDC Manifolds are designed to work with 12VDC J Series Controllers. Water actuated manifolds are designed to work with SD Series water motors.

Available Models

J Plus Ratio:Feeder® 24VAC Manifold Models

Part# Description
40910 Manifold Single Type AS
42132 2 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42143 3 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42154 4 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42165 5 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42176 6 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings

J Plus Ratio:Feeder® 12VDC Manifold Models

Part# Description
40921 Manifold Single Type AS
42076 2 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42087 3 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42098 4 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42109 5 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42110 6 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings

J Plus Ratio:Feeder® Water Actuated Manifold Models

Part# Description
40932 Manifold Single Type AS
42010 2 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42021 3 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42032 4 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42043 5 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings
42054 6 Pumper, 3/4” Fittings

Manifold Features


Manifolds can be ordered to control 1 to 6 pumpers.


Manifolds can be expanded later if more pumpers are required.

Brass Components

Corrosion resistant means low maintenance and long life saving time and money.

Multiple Power Sources

Power is provided to the manifold through the J Series controller. The J Series Controller can be powered by wall outlets, batteries or solar panels.

Pilot Valve and Manifold Manual
Part# 42143/42087
Part# 42154/42098
Part# 42165/42109
Part# 42176/42110