Ratio:Guard® EC Monitor

EC Monitor
E-1S Ratio:Feeder® EC Monitor


Keeping track of chemical levels has never been easier using the Ratio:Guard® EC Monitor. These monitors use an inline probe to constantly measure the EC of the water. These products require minimal upkeep consisting of an occasional cleaning and calibration. They are very durable and are designed to serve day in and day out.

Ratio:Guard E-1 Information

Part # Description
E-1S EC Monitor/Controller


19632 Replacement Probe Tee Any Probe
19654 U-shaped Retainer Pin
14978 EC/Temp Cable 25'
11501 Temp Sensor
11519 EC Sensor


Large LCD Screen

Easy to read

Inline Design

Unit constantly updates to show current conditions

4 Button Key Pad

Easy programming and operation

Probe, quick tee and cables are included

Easy installation

Unique Probe Design

Maintains accuracy with long probe cable length

2 Programmable Relays

Operate alarms or can be used to turn pumps on or off

pdf icon Ratio:Guard® EC Monitor Manual

pdf icon Ratio:Guard® EC Monitor Specifications