1.9 Gallon Blend Tank for Ratio:Feeder® Injectors

Blend tanks are often necessary to avoid uneven chemical distribution. This can occur when low flows are encountered with a high Gallons per Stroke setting. Blend tanks are also a good idea if an injector is used to hand water with hoses. They also give chemicals time to react with water allow for accurate measurements to be taken.

  • Works with flows up to 20 gallons per minute
  • Integrates easily with DB Series Ratio:Feeder® Injectors
  • PVC construction offers superior chemical resistance
  • Included with Wall Mount DB Ratio:Feeder® Injectors
  • Proprietary Internal Blend Pipe
  • 90 psi Pressure Rating

1.9 Gallon Blend Tank

Part# 20710 - 1.9 Gallon Blend Tank