Compressed Air Charts

All H.E. Anderson Injector pumps can be run using compressed air instead of water. This eliminates waste water and allows the injector to work at pressures below 30psi. Use the charts below to determine how large an air compressor is required to power your unit.

Compressed Air Charts for D Series Units

DB Models Pump Head CFM Required
DB100 P2-HC 2.5 CFM
DB200 P2-HC 2.5 CFM
DB400 A10-VCP 2.5 CFM
DB1000 A3-VCP 2.0 CFM
DB1200 P1-BA 2.5 CFM
DD Models Pump Head CFM Required
DD100 H4-HD 3.0 CFM
DD200 H2-HD 2.5 CFM
DD400 A10-VCP 2.5 CFM
DD1000 A3-VCP 2.0 CFM
DB1200 P1-BA 2.5 CFM

Compressed Air Charts for J Series Units

Number of Pump Heads Pump Head Size CFM Required
2 Pumpers H4-HD 9.0 CFM
3 Pumpers H4-HD 12 CFM
4 Pumpers H4-HD 15.5 CFM
5 Pumpers H4-HD 18.5 CFM
6 Pumpers H4-HD 22.0 CFM

This chart assumes that the injector is operating at 40 stokes per minute and the air pressure supplied is at 125 psi. If the injector does not stroke as often then less compressed air is required. Also if the injector does not require 125 psi, a regulator can be used to reduce the amount of compressed air required.

A compressed air dryer should be used with the air compressor. If the compressed air is not dry it can lead to icing in the manifold causing the unit to operate incorrectly or be damaged.

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